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Monde Selection

Numerous awards as the proof of stance for manufacturing products.
The position of the company is steadfast regardless of the products or OEM products.
[Planning] × [Quality] = [Added value] Forming an idea into a shape for better products.
Our steadfast stance for manufacturing leads us to win numerous awards from the Monde Selection.
The stance of no product-out style, but market-in from the customer's point of view, which had been kept consistently from concept up to the quality of the products has been accepted worldwide many times.
Our internal expert team supports the preparation and application of documentation with confidence and responsibility. For the OEM entrusted products, we will take care of everything if you wish. Please feel free to consult us.

Award track record

■International high quality trophy/7
■Grand Gold Award/5
■Gold Award/32
■Silver Award/26
■Bronze Award/10


 Gold Award:Royal Honey Up


 Gold Award:Beauty Rose Cryctal(200),Acnese A&WProgram,
          Royal Honey Up
 Silver Award:Rose Clear Teeth Gel,Rose de Amour Peeling
           Girl's Maker brilliant line


 Gold Award:Beauty Rose Cryctal(200),Victria Rose(60),Royal Honey Up,
          Girl's Maker eternity line,Acnese A&WProgram
 Silver Award:Rose Clear Teeth Gel


 International high quality trophy:Beauty Rose Cryctal(200)
 Gold Award:premium BB cleam
 Silver Award:Sarage,jamu sheet Dialuna


 Grand Gold Award:Royal Honey Up
 Gold Award:Beauty Rose Cryctal(200),Victria Rose(60)
 Silver Award:VIVID Blemish Balm、Beauty Protector plus
 Bronze Award:jamu pack Dialuna、Fake Tanning Mousse


 Gold Award:Beauty Rose Cryctal(200),Royal Honey Up
 Bronze Award:Victria Rose(60)


 Bronze Award:Beauty Rose(50),Victria Rose(60)