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Greeting From Representative

■ DR Co., Ltd. Direct Response ■

DR has been striving since initiation in 1994.
We have been working to provide value-added products and services in the field of beauty and health through mail order retail/wholesale, store sale retail/wholesale, planning and manufacturing sales, and contract planning and manufacturing. From the customer's perspective, we continuously strive through trial and error to achieve customer satisfaction; however, we still need to become an ideal figure of DR.

Recently, as part of the global development through Asia, Korean Cosme Lab and Shanghai DR International Trade Co.,Ltd. became part of our group companies. Also, we started group operation of the large cosmetic shop Skin Garden in 2011. By experiencing the closest environment with customers, we absorb customer needs quickly in real time on a daily basis. We will leverage future resources and experience to work to increase the efficiency of management activities, including product development of customer (market) needs for absorption, service, MD, VMD, and sales promotions.

DR will achieve further development not only in the domestic market, but in the Asian markets, which have high potential for future growth. Therefore, based on our initial resolution of "Direct Response," we will develop and improve our value-added products and services for customers.

Shinichi Fujii, President